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Q: Do we pay sales tax?

A: If you complete the State Tax Resale Certificate or State Tax Exempt form and return it to us before your fundraiser is completed, no tax will be applied. If a tax form is not completed and turned in before your fundraiser is over, we will have to charge you tax on the popcorn order.

Q: What if I need addtional forms?

A: If you need additional fundraising packets, you can Contact Us, and we will set them aside for you, or click here to print your own. 

Q: How do I submit my popcorn order?

A: CLICK HERE to download an excel spreadsheet to calculate totals. Once forms are complete and totals are double-checked you can email the completed form to Derrick Roberts for us to start bagging your fundraiser. 

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Q: When do I pay for my popcorn?

A: Once you have submitted your form we ask for payment within 5 business days. This helps us purchase popcorn supplies needed to finish your fundraiser quickly. If you need additional time or would like an invoice for your bookkeeper please let us know.   

Q: Some people made checks payable to Pop Around The Corner. What do we do with them?

A: To make it easier, turn in the check(s) to us and subtract the total from your balance. (i.e. if you have $100 in checks and owe $1,000 for your popcorn fundraiser, turn in the $100 in checks and one additional check for $900 to equal your total balance of $1,000.)

Q: What if more forms get turned in after I have turned in my order? 

A: It's okay, this happens a lot. Simply add the new order to your original fundraiser request and email it to letting us know how many people you have added to your original order. 

Q: When will my popcorn order be ready to pick up?

A: Once we receive your order we will start popping and bagging your corn. Depending on your order size and time of year (i.e. wait times may be longer during October - December) orders take on average 2 to 3 weeks to complete. Please don't announce a delivery time to customers until you have confirmed the date with Pop Around The Corner.

If your question isn't on here, please give us a call and we will be glad to help!

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